Friday, June 23rd, 2017

liferulzalot asked: Books of Rousseau, Montaigne? What books best explain the problems of society in the modern world and how should be done to solve them? You must login with your WP account, or register a new account with facebook

confusedperson asked: Hello, I am an undergrad student studying Economics and Finance, I want to go into investment banking, and I was wondering what books i should be reading? What are key books I should be reading in topics such as Economics and Finance? I want to be more educated but outside my school life [...]

allie b asked: I posted this about two days ago but I like getting answers from different people. Its summer and I like taking this time to read some books since I can’t during my college school year! I typically like to read mystery, paranormal or romance books. You must login with your WP account, [...]

The 1 Day Product Creator When I was looking around for reviews of 1 Day Product Creator I couldn’t find any decent ones so I thought I would put this review together for anyone who is looking to get a better idea of what this product is about before they purchase it. This however is [...]

Blogging Tutorial Videos a “Review” I promised in a fit of mindlessness to write fifty yes thats fifty ClickBank Product Reviews.(This is number one) OK I can plagarise to my hearts content but even so its a bit of a strain to keep up with that as well as the other sites I keep an [...]

When a blurb starts with “Logan Ninefingers” you know you are about to enter the relms of fantasy or your local Loony Bin. This is an epic, sweeping story about several unique and unforgettable characters which is told from differing perspectives; yesterday, now, as fiction, fable, history, mythology, geography, culture, intrigue and romance (failed).

Treasure A name synonymous with – abundance, apple of one’s eye, cache, capital, cash, catch*, darling, find, fortune, funds, gem, gold, hoard, jewel, money, nest egg, nonpareil, paragon, pearl, pile*, plum, pride and joy, prize, reserve, riches, richness, store, treasure trove, valuable, wealth . It’s definition is ; “prized possession or entity”. Where does this [...]

Divine Justice – David Baldacci We pinched this from From Booklist *Starred Review* Readers who have been holding their breath since the end of Stone Cold (2007), the previous Camel Club novel, can inhale: Oliver Stone did survive his plunge into the water. For the uninitiated, Baldacci’s Oliver Stone isn’t the noted film director; he’s [...]

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device You just have to have heard of the Kindle. With every type of media battering away with Kindle adverts I thought we should at least publish the kindle party line. Have you got one – Kindle that is. Does it work – is it still in one pce – is [...]

Those in Peril – Wilbur Smith Widgets As its not available untill March 31 2011 there is not much to say beyond what Amazon has here. I for one have pre ordered at £9.99. I’m a sucker for Wilbur Smith. Product Description Hazel Bannock is the heir to the Bannock Oil Corp, one of [...]