Monday, June 26th, 2017

N. Hawk asked: I’m going to take Organic Chemistry II in the spring, and didn’t do as well in the fall as I hoped so I was looking for a review book with plenty of practice problems and solutions. I especially have trouble with reaction mechanisms. I’ve heard about “Organic Chemistry I as a Second [...]

Tahmid R asked: Next year, I will take organic chemistry. Can anyone recommend any good books to use to study organic chemistry and help me get a basic understanding of it before I take the class?Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress You must login with your WP account, or register a new account with [...]

Mai asked: I am writing a fan fiction for my friend. I don’t know why she asked being as English is my worst subject and I fail at stories, but anyways, the story revolves greatly around a second hand book store in a small town that sells books about stuff like magic, alchemy, and that [...]

Uma Wylde asked: We had a proper, traditional Sunday lunch today of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding and it got me thinking, because not all Yorkshire Puddings are made equal. Many people just can’t get them to rise properly which is a shame, but hardly surprising because the recipe they are using is incorrect.So being [...]

Adeel Ali Khan asked: The Muslim period was from 600 to 1600 A.D in the history of chemistry and is know as the period of alchemist. in the middle ages, chemistry was given a spurt of work. During the first few centuries of Hijra, the Muslim Scientist made rich contribution to the various branches of [...]

Dr. Deborah Baker asked: Fantasy writing is probably THE example of imagination at its highest. The author is creating a whole new world – one filled with dragons, creatures, rules of magic – very different from the reality we know. Unlike science fiction which pushes the boundaries of physics and biology, fantasy pushes something more [...]

Samara asked: books, all different?Caffeinated Content You must login with your WP account, or register a new account with facebook

octoberbabycadi asked: I have a good few bags of books that I can sell (we’re talking over 50 books) and to be honest, I really need the money. They are in good condition and range from fiction to textbooks, dictionaries/children encyclopedias to some of my childhood books (not that old- I’m 17) I’ve written a [...]

Bryan Gosselin asked: As you will come to learn, I love “dark utopia” stories. To me, they’re far scarier than any traditional slasher horror story ever written. Scary because I suspect that unless humanity changes their ways, perhaps years from now we’ll find ourselves in our very own dark utopia. For those that don’t know, [...]

Belsheba Nyabwa asked: It is not until I had my first baby that I realized what an important person my mother is. After three hours of intense labor and delivery of my son, immense fatigue and sleepless nights took a toll on me. I took time to appreciate my mother at every opportunity. I remembered [...]