Monday, June 26th, 2017

This supposedly will demolish the standard narrative of the pre-White House Obama as an energetic, conscientious, cerebral, hard working, clean living, [Bored bored bored YAWN] young man who constantly assessed and reassessed where he wanted to be and go in life.

    And where are you in this argument? It will ultimately effect all of us who read or write books. Wether you love them or hate them now is tthe time to add your comments below. The Apple ebook price-fixing lawsuit has terrifying implications If Apple loses the US case for alleged price fixing, [...]

Our heroes are much abused as they go about there business.

Government overview and Government competition cause them more hurt than the monsters. As our hero to be throws his boss out of the thirteenth floor window we know something is wrong here. If you enjoy a tale that is mindlessly entertaining, a heavily action based urban fantasy, with an accountant who is built like an outhouse and talented fighter and shootist then this is the book for you.

Divine Justice – David Baldacci We pinched this from From Booklist *Starred Review* Readers who have been holding their breath since the end of Stone Cold (2007), the previous Camel Club novel, can inhale: Oliver Stone did survive his plunge into the water. For the uninitiated, Baldacci’s Oliver Stone isn’t the noted film director; he’s [...]