Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Creating a LinkedIn profile is an effective business strategy. Here are a few ideas on how it should be done. 1. Setting up a LinkedIn profile is free, there are no related costs.. Just log in to the site using your account, find the “Companies” menu and follow the instructions. LinkedIn’s wizard will guide you.

The QR code was in fact developed by none other than Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Nippon Denso, wich is in turn owned by Toyota. The QR code was invented in order to improve the speed by which they assemble the cars in the factory according to the specific orders of each and every customer.

Mark T He asked: Are you a scientist at heart? Are you interested in learning how things work and what they are made of? Do you find scientific experiments fascinating to watch? If so, you may be interested in learning more about chemistry and discovering what types of jobs are available to degreed chemists in [...]

Dan Toombs asked: The world of marketing is a much different place than it was even a few years ago. Nowadays there are some excellent ways to promote your cooking school while at the same time getting to know your target customers. If you are not currently using social media to promote your business – [...]

Al Thomas asked: Are you graduating from high school or college or maybe lost your job? What can you do to become employed with a paycheck once again? Maybe your industry is one that is shrinking, one that is sending jobs overseas where the people work for less money, no pensions and no health insurance. [...]

There are a lot of ways someone can make money with public domain and now that you know where to get your material you need to know how to take that free stuff from the internet and make money with it!

Before I begin I should point out that I have had to edit out a lot of material. If you would like a copy of the unexpurgated (I had to get that word in) version of the book then drop me a line and I will email you either a copy or the link to [...]

There are actually many different benefits to barter for any business, by the largest benefits are to those in early start up or those that are in need of more cash flow within their current businesses.

Barter is better in many ways with today’s economy and mindset. With creativity and a little trial and error, anyone and any business can increase their cash flow and income by using trade effectively. The days of direct trade face to face are gone, and in it’s place is a modern evolved solution, which can be one of the greatest tools of the trade!

Start watching the online marketplaces. Places like Craigslist and eBay can provide great little deals at really low prices that you can leverage into bigger items on trade exchanges. Pay attention for the deals, where the seller doesn’t realize the value of the item they hold.