Monday, June 26th, 2017

Annie Cox asked: So you’ve made up your mind to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. Good for you! Vegetarianism is a much healthier form of eating but in the beginning it may be difficult to find enough variety to stop you getting bored. I’ve listed a few ideas that may help as you [...]

Maggie Stanfield asked: What do you know about industrially produced trans fatty acids? Unless you are actually a nutritionist or a doctor, the answer is most likely to be: nothing at all. And why should you? One survey a few years ago found that of the sample asked, 15 per cent thought trans fats were [...]

Dr. Casey Adams asked: What we consume directly relates to our moods and nervous condition. Why? Because of the biochemistry of our neurotransmitter fluid.Nerve dendrites do not actually touch. They are not connected in the physical sense. Rather, between them exists a space called the synapse. The synapse contains a special chemistry called the neurotransmitter [...]

John Gibb asked: Soya is one of the oldest and most nutritious foods in the world. In the 11th century BC it was primarily consumed in Northern China, spreading to the west and the U.S.A. in the middle of the 18th century and only more recently to Europe. Soya is mainly used in industry and [...]

John Mepham asked: What does pH stand for? Is it personal hygiene? Or proper health? Or possibly hydrated? Well no. It actually stands for the power of hydrogen. But without going deeper into biochemistry, gout sufferers just need to know that raising body pH levels makes the body more alkaline, and lowering them, more acidic.Raising [...]

Janice Elizabeth Small asked: There is one practical skill which you need above all others when you want to lose weight. That skill will give you the ability to enjoy your food while you’re trying to lose weight as much as when you’re not. It’s a skill that unfortunately is getting less common these days [...]

Graham Farmer asked: Eating is something we all do, and like sex, is a basic human drive. Unfortunately the act of eating brings a bewildering set of choices and too many opportunities to get things wrong!Eating is at the core of western lifestyles, cookery books, diet books, supermarkets and governments all tell us how we [...]

Judy Wellsworth asked: The term electrolysis redox refers to the chemical reactions that occur when electrons are exchanged. Electrolysis redox involves matching an electron accepted via reduction with one that is donated via oxidation. There are many different types of electrolysis redox reactions. One such reaction is a synthesis reaction involving an exchange of electrons [...]