Monday, June 26th, 2017

Tony R Clark asked: A wall coat rack is no longer something you simply fling your coat on when you come home from work. Today they are designed to be a useful addition to any room in the house. With many very attractive designs now available a wall rack can add to your decor and [...]

Samuel Duckworth asked: The sharks we are talking about are carpet sharks, more commonly known as silverfish.Like their water dwelling namesakes who mainly graze along the bottom of warm shallow seas, silverfish thrive on damp conditions and love to eat anything starchy. This includes sugar, flour and paper. The carpet sharks that live in the [...]

Samuel Duckworth asked: The days are growing shorter, the nights are cooling down and the smell of autumn is in the air. Creatures everywhere are frantically going about their winter preparations, storing food and eating more to build up a layer of fat to see them through the lean times ahead.One animal which seems to [...]

Susan Pitters asked: Designers report that it is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate a space to work at complete with computer, in the kitchen of the average home. Most families don’t have the space for a complete office to be fitted, but many are wanting to be able to watch children do homework and surf [...]

Ray Nwambuonwo asked: Building kitchen cabinets is certainly within the reach of most people, especially if they are of a regular size. Even though carcasses come in different sizes, they are all essentially built in exactly the same way, so once you have put the first couple together the rest should be a lot easier [...]