Monday, June 26th, 2017

This volume in the “Methods in Enzymology” series comprehensively covers Cancer, Cardiovascular and the central nervous system of Nanomedicine. With an international board of authors, this volume is split into sections that cover subjects such as Diabetes and nanotechnology as potential therapy, Nanomedicines for inflammatory diseases, and Development and use of ceramide nanoliposomes in cancer.

Downie, the undisputed maestro of Saturday science, here reveals important principles in physics, engineering, and chemistry through such marvels as the Helevator–a contraption that’s half helicopter, half elevator–and the Rocket Railroad, which pumps propellant up from its own track. The Riddle of the Sands demonstrates why some granular materials form steep cones when poured while others collapse in an avalanche. The Sunbeam Exploder creates a combustible delivery system

Ordero asked: I’m working on a science fiction novel about a group of college students who are being hunted down by people in another country. How can I present large quantities of information at the beginning of the book without it sounding cheesy or boring? You must login with your WP account, or register a [...]