Monday, June 26th, 2017

dancing queen asked: my teacher said he had some money and wanted to get new books and we get extra credit if we bring in a name of a good chemistry book that kids like using so let me know what the name of your books are please! thanks!Caffeinated Content You must login with your [...]

? asked: I could make half the price I paid – $500 from $1000. That’s always good. But these contain information that was highlighted and learned over a long period of time, and I could reference them for the future. What what you do? I wouldn’t do ebay or anything, just my college bookstore. These [...]

arabeesk asked: My old high school, which my sister currently attends, is building up its library. The school is only four years old, and the library doesn’t have very many books. What books would you consider to be “essential” to a high school library, or any library in general? Or how would you recommend the [...]