Monday, June 26th, 2017

The QR code was in fact developed by none other than Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Nippon Denso, wich is in turn owned by Toyota. The QR code was invented in order to improve the speed by which they assemble the cars in the factory according to the specific orders of each and every customer.

There are a lot of ways someone can make money with public domain and now that you know where to get your material you need to know how to take that free stuff from the internet and make money with it!

Before I begin I should point out that I have had to edit out a lot of material. If you would like a copy of the unexpurgated (I had to get that word in) version of the book then drop me a line and I will email you either a copy or the link to [...]

With public domain content, you can revise, publish, modify, compile and create new collections or compilations and sell, use and giveaway this material however you see fit.