Monday, June 26th, 2017

Wow. Monsters on the streets of London. It was ever like this when i was young. Help out Great Ormond Street Hospital and enjoy a good tale. Join Jiggly Boggly as he explores the tunnels, streets and schools of London, visiting the secret homes of his marvelous Monsters… Jiggly Boggly is a Monster Caretaker with [...]

You may not think very much about your reading speed, but if you could improve it, you’d get a lot more accomplished. While 250 words/minute is about average, speed readers can read at considerably faster rates. A proficient speed reader may be able to absorb a thousand -or in some cases, even several thousand!- words per minute, which might seem incredible. Speed reading is not some strange talent only a few geniuses have; it’s actually based on methods anyone can learn. Speed reading takes practice, but if you try the techniques we’ll be sharing in this article, you’ll find you can start reading faster in a short time.

No one really knows when speed reading was first used, but it might have been a long while in the past. For hundreds of years, reading was the privilege of a minority of the most highly-educated people in the world, the overwhelming majority of whom were monks and priests. This small, select group of men protected their privilege and were loathe to coach the general populace to read. Furthermore, during those hundreds of years there were relatively few books to read compared with today. Books were also very costly as they all had to be copied out by hand. Possibly the only fact that has not altered is that the Bible was the most common book in existence and even now the Bible is the most prevalent book.