Monday, June 26th, 2017

Gwen Nicodemus asked: Solutions are marvelous things that we use all the time. Water cleans well, but water with soap dissolved in it cleans even better. What exactly are solutions?A solution is a uniform mixture of a solvent and a solute.If you take some water and dissolve salt in it, you have salt water. (Solutions [...]

Darrell Causey asked: The mole, developed from Avogadro’s number, is used everyday by chemists and other scientists to perform stoichiometric calculations.? It’s important that you understand what the mole is and how you can use it in stoichiometric calculations.Avogadro’s Number (N)Armed with the relationship between hydrogen and carbon and a defined atomic mass unit, scientists [...]

Mark T He asked: Chemistry lab glassware is quite different from glassware that you commonly use in your house. Glassware used in a chemistry laboratory is required to maintain structural integrity under much more stringent conditions than glass that would be use for something like drinking water. Chemistry laboratory glassware is required to endure temperatures [...]

Rosalinda Flores-Martinez asked: Chemistry is said to be an interesting subject. Of course, many of us are grappling to memorize the periodic table: the atomic number and mass, yet for some they deem it as practice.I love Chemistry that is why when I was in high school I was a member of the Science Club. [...]

Ned Benderson asked: AP courses are a great way to help you get your schooling completed. If you’re not familiar with the term, AP stands for advanced placement. This is a great way to get your skills in particular areas noticed. It can help to qualify you for scholarships and grants too. When you have [...]

Manoj Tiwari asked: By virtue of its definition, human error is something we all do. In the more quantitative HSC subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, human error can be a big cause of losing marks in exams. For example, how often have you walked out of an exam room, and realise only moments [...]

Mark T He asked: If you are looking to equip a chemical lab, you will need chemical lab supplies that cover not only working with the chemicals, but also supplies that protect you from exposure from the chemicals you are working with.A basic chemical lab that is set up to practice basic chemistry will have [...]

Shantanu Sikdar asked: The “Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences” section contains questions on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Equal weightage is given to Biology and Chemistry as each of them comprise of 40% of GAMSAT Section III. Questions on Physical Sciences comprise of only 20% of this section. Thus, to get the qualifying marks in [...]

Shantanu Sikdar asked: We have already suggested a few books that would help you prepare for the chemistry part of Section III. We have also told you why it is important to have textbooks and use them liberally. Now, in our next episode we will tell you the importance of having a Biology guide with [...]

Peter Christian asked: When you start to learn to speak Spanish, natural enthusiasm to become proficient with the language soon kicks in and as mastering Spanish takes a fair bit of time and effort, impatience can soon arise. If you’re looking to speed-up the leaning process, here are five brilliant yet simple techniques you can [...]