Monday, June 26th, 2017

Nicky VanValkenburgh asked: Have you ever wondered why kissing is such a powerful emotional and physical experience? Scientifically, the magical connection that you feel is really a matter of chemistry and electricity. And understanding the “science” behind kissing can make things even more exciting!Most people automatically close their eyes while kissing. When we close our [...]

Donna Kim-Brand asked: Dr.John Gray of Mars Venus fame is due to come to my city soon. While excited about welcoming an author of his celebrity status, local reporters so far seem not to ‘get’ what his core message is. The science is confusing them, in large part because we never think about relationships this [...]

Alison Lee asked: Who is Charles Haanel?Charles Haanel is an American author and self-made successful businessman who wrote a book called “The Master Key System” back in 1912. In fact, before writing that book, he founded one of the largest conglomerates of his time. Many recognized him as the father of modern day self development. [...]

Larry Barkan asked: Have you seen the 1997 movie, “Good Will Hunting?”Matt Damon plays a troubled, self-educated genius (Will Hunting). He falls in love with a Harvard student played by Minnie Driver (Skylar).In one scene, Will and Skylar are having coffee at an outdoor café. Will stares lovingly at Skylar who is absorbed in her [...]

Beverly E Taylor asked: Many clutterers feel frustrated, easily exhausted, unfocused, and just plain stressed. These problems can actually result from in imbalance in your brain chemistry. Sound far fetched or high-tech? Not at all. This is good news because the solutions are healthy and simple to do. Discover three easy ways to adjust your [...]