Monday, June 26th, 2017

Pranay Rupani asked: There are times when you may want to buy second-hand books in Hyderabad. Not just for the discounted rates, but also in expectation of serendipity. Who knows? You may end up finding a classic that you were always looking for.Sunday book market at Koti is the perfect place for such a discovery. [...]

Ms CiCi asked: Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Indeed, gift giving is a great time to teach children the true value of a gift: which is the thought behind it, not the cost of the gift. How many times has one of my children gone into my jewelry box and dug out a piece [...]

Tina Ophilliie asked: Yep, its here already, the Christmas Presents shopping buzz. What do you plan to get that special man in your life? I have heard things like ‘men are so boring to shop for, with women there is so much option’. Well that might be true if you are shopping for just any [...]

Mark S Sanderson asked: Delia’s Happy Christmas not only gives great cooking tips but also advises you on how to organise your whole Christmas menu with great planning ideas starting as early as November!With Delia’s Happy Christmas you can’t go wrongWho is Delia Smith!? Shame on you! She’s an institution! In the UK anyway. Delia [...]

Sandy Dean asked: One of the most searched for Harry Potter items that is almost impossible to find is Harry Potter bedding in any size other than twin. Manufacturers seem to assume that Harry Potter fans or parents who are interested in buying Harry bedding only sleep in twin beds. This is just not true. [...]

Sandy Dean asked: It seemed like such an easy thing at first. I merely wanted to buy my son some kid’s pajamas depicting his favorite characters and images from the Harry Potter series. I thought I’d just pick some up at my local discount super center the next time I bought groceries. I had no [...]

Victoria Neely asked: If you’re thinking about getting yourself a Harry Potter costume, you’ll definitely need convincing Hogwarts robes, or perhaps a fashionable pointy hat. But there’s just one more very important thing you need: A good wand. How and where do you find one?You could always pick out a decent stick and pretend that’s [...]