Monday, June 26th, 2017

Ben Settle asked: Yesterday while walking my dog on the beach, something hit me.I am not talking about seagull poop, either.No… I was hit by a realization. The realization of just how much impact all those years of mindlessly reading comic books had on my marketing and, especially, my copywriting.Here are a few reasons how [...]

Lance Winslow asked: Many people believe it takes years and years to write a book and it can if you wish to stretch out that long. But if you really know your subject matter you should be able to rattle off a book very quickly. Many writing experts say this is not possible and it [...]

Olga V. Vladi asked: So you think you have the skills to be a successful ghostwriter? Well, it’s not just about having good writing skills–it’s about giving good customer service. Every client believes his or her story is unique and deserving of a wide audience. The art of the ghostwriter is being able to share [...]

Anna Rushton asked: Wanting to write a book is something that many people aspire to – but they think it is too difficult. I know from my experience of working with many entrepreneurs and business people and helping them to write their own book that there is at least one book in every person that [...]

Janet B Cole asked: My experience of being online over the past few years have proved that in order to increase your monthly income and in order to continuously generate a sizable income you must create multiple products. Look at it this way, if you have found a subscriber who is interested in what you [...]

Barry Sheppard asked: You enjoy cooking and you are pretty creative in the kitchen, so you decide that you should write a cookbook. Then you look at the market, there are so many cookbooks. What do you have to offer that isn’t already out there. How is your cookbook going to make the market? This [...]

Dave Haslett asked: All of the marketing books I’ve read keep repeating the message that novels are much harder to sell than nonfiction books. People buy nonfiction books because they need them, but they buy novels because they want them. That’s true enough. With a nonfiction book you’ve got (or should have) a well-defined target [...]

Gary Paul Taylor asked: If you own a website through which you sell cookery books, then ideally all of the content that is contained within your website should be related to cooking and books. Your visitors don’t want to arrive at your website to look for a book on Italian food only to find that [...]